Absinthe Rituals: Different ways of drinking Absinthe

Different ways for the preparation of Absinthe exist. With these Absinthe rituals you can experience your "Heure Verte" the "Green Hour" in different ways. Check out the following videos explaining how Absinthe is (and is not) properly prepared.


French Absinthe Ritual (recommended)

The French Ritual is comparable with the preparation of Pastis Pernod or Ricard, the follower or substitute of Absinthe after its prohibition. You put one or two sugar cubes on an Absinthe spoon, place it over the glass and fill it with an amount of Absinthe (2 to 4 cl, about a tenth pint). Then gently water is poured over the spoon. The green Absinthe begins to louche into white sage. In former times so called "Absinthe Fontaines", "Brouille Sets" and "Reservoir Glasses" were widely used to dissolve the sugar with a thin beam of water which creates the perfect Louche.


Bohemian Absinthe Ritual (..and why you should avoid it)

Meanwhile, the Bohemian (Czech) Ritual of drinking Absinthe has become very popular. You put one or two sugar cubes on an Absinthe spoon and pour Absinthe over it. Then you light up the sugar and wait until the flames caramelize it. The sugar drips into the glass and blends with the Green Fairy. Then water is added to create the Louche. We do not recommend this fire ritual. The fine taste of the Absinthe is negatively effected by the caramelization of the sugar and the whole preparation can end in an disaster...


Brouille Absinthe Ritual

A Brouille is a small glass lid, which you place over your Absinthe glass. It is then filled with ice cubes and you slowly pour water in it. The water gets cooled and flows through a small hole in the bottom of the Brouille into the Absinthe glass. The Brouille is very easy to use and you get one of the best cloudy louches, because of the extremly thin beam of water.


Fountain Absinthe Ritual

An Absinthe Fountain is an authentic Absinthe accessory which was present in every Absinthe bsitro during the time of the Belle Epoque. Out of the spigots water drips on the Absinthe sugar, dissolves it and blends with the Green Fairy to create the perfect louche.


Brouilleur "Auto Verseurs" Absinthe Ritual

Instead of an Absinthe fountain you can also use an Absinthe Brouilleur. The water flows over a see saw into the Absinthe while you listen to the mechanical "tic tac" sound of this Absinthe accessory.


Brouilleur "Two Level" Absinthe Ritual

The "Two Level" Brouilleur is like the "Auto Verseurs" an authentic Absinthe accessory especially made for the tech-fascinated Absintheur.


Brouilleur "Streamline" Absinthe Ritual

The "Streamline" Brouilleur is for the "inside out" Absinthe preparation. First you have to fill the glass with water and then you fill in the Absinthe using the little cup of the Absinthe Brouilleur, which injects a shot of Absinthe into the water and creates a swirly louche.


Slipstream Pipe Absinthe Ritual

The Slipstream Absinthe Pipe was invented to bring together a convenient modern day Absinthe experience that embraces the traditional roots of the Absinthe louche ritual. First you have to pour Absinthe into the pipe. Then sugar and ice cubes are added. Finally you fill the pipe with water. Now the magic effect begins to start: The green Absinthe ascents in white swirls into the upper chamber which is filled with the ice cubes and water. After the louche effect is over you have to blow into the pipe to completely mix the Absinthe with the water. Do not forget this step, otherwise you will drink neat Absinthe!


Interesting Info: Ernest Hemingway usually prefered a variation with Champagne instead of water. There is an infinite variety of Absinthe cocktails, the first historically reported cocktail (the so called Sazerac) was an Absinthe cocktail.