Absinthe Glass: Buy a traditional glass for Absinthe

Absinthe GlassAn Absinthe glass is the essential accessory for the Absinthe Ritual. And the Absinthe Accessories Store ABSINTHIANA is the source to buy Absinthe accessories in the USA. We offer free shipping for qualifying orders, which means free shipping for orders > $100. You can buy Absinthe spoons, Absinthe glasses, Absinthe fountains and other Absinthe accessory at our store. ABSINTHIANA ships directly from the USA to avoid high shipping costs. Our online shop has an excluisve selection of authentic Absinthe glasses. A very traditional one is the Pontarlier reservoir glass. The reservoir in the stem measures the correct amount of Absinthe. An Absinthe Glass can be hand-blown or pressed. If they are pressed you often have a small glass scar at the side of the glass. Mouthblown glasses are of higher quality and perfect to enjoy your Green Fairy with style. ABSINTHIANA sells the hand-blown Pontarlier and Jacques Absinthe glass. The Jacques glass is made in Spain by an old glass factory with a tradition reaching back to the 19th century. All the glasses are authentic reproduction of antique originals.

Maybe you don´t know what the liquor Absinthe is made of and how you drink it. Therefore lets give you some brief information: Absinthe is a herbal liquor of green color, which is as well known under the name "Green Fairy". It is a high proof alcohol, typically 136 proof. It is distilled out of several herbs like melissa, green anise, fennel and of course artemisia absinthium, wormwood. Wormwood is the ingredient of Absinthe. If a drink doesn´t contain wormwood, it is not Absinthe (Ouzo for example has no wormwood and therefore is not an Absinthe, although it tastes similar). Wormwood gives the liquor its special and mystical effect. Writers and poets of the 19th century consumed this alcohol, as it creates a physical and mental awareness which leads to enhanced creativity. Famous Absintheurs were numerous. For example van Gogh and Oscar Wilde, contemporary Absintheurs are Marilyn Manson or Johnny Depp. But lets continue with the description of the Absinthe ritual and the role of the Absinthe glass.

Original Glasses for Absinthe

An Absinthe glass, an Absinthe spoon water and sugar is needed to perform the Absinthe ritual the traditional way. The Absinthe glass has a special design. It is bigger compared to a normal water glass and often has a reservoir integrated in the stem, to measure the correct dose of Absinthe. Once you pour the green Absinthe out of the bottle into the glass the reservoir is filled with the green alcohol. When the Absinthe line reaches the top level of the reservoir you don´t have to fill in anymore of the green spirit. Then you add ice cold water to the drink, of you want over an Absinthe spoon with a sugar cube.

The perfect glass to drink Absinthe

ABSINTHIANA offers a wide selection of Absinthe glasses. Here are some we especially can recomennd:

- The starter glass: Pontarlier II glass
- The authentic glass: Pontarlier Premium
- The best glass: Pontarlier Premium and Jacques

And ABSINTHIANA sells Absinthe pipes like the Slipstream pipe as well. The ritual is contemporary as well. You have to fill them with water and ice and then sip the Green Fairy through a glass straw.