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Experience the mystique of the Green Fairy like in the 19th century: The AAA Classic Absinthe Fountain is the most authentic fountain you can get. It fascinates with premium quality and intelligently designed details. Without any exaggeration, this Absinthe fountain is simply the best fountain you can buy.
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This is simply the best Absinthe fountain on the market. It took us more than 2 years to develop the Classic AAA Fountain. Now we proudly offer it for sale. The Classic AAA Absinthe Fountain, AAA stands for Authentic Absinthe Accessories, is a replica of the original Absinthe fountains that were used in the Belle Epoque. To be precise, the Classic Absinthe Fountain is inspired by the Terminus fountain from the 19th century. Terminus was a famous French Absinthe manufacturer in the 19th century and the eye catching element of their fountain was a French rooster on top of the lid (you can see a photo in our photo gallery). This rooster is as well present on the Classic Absinthe Fountain. Besides being of premium craftsmanship, the fountain has small intelligently designed details, that make its use a unique experience. We list a few:

> The glass bowl is made from molded glass. This makes the bowl resistant against temperature fluctuations.
> Precisely machined thread-mounts guarantee a convenient and even fun assembly of the individual components.
> The spigots are screw-mounted. They can easily be removed and cleaned by using a pipe cleaner.
> The Classic Absinthe Fountain´s base is cushioned with a foam pad. This prevents slippage and ugly scratches on your table.
> All of the fountains parts are polished and therefore shine bright like the Belle Epoque itself!
> The fountain is made out of food-grade nickel-plated brass, certified by the Fresenius institute.
> And last but not least: If anything should break during the fountains lifetime, no problem at all, we have spareparts in stock.


The AAA fountain is the one and only certified food-safe Absinthe fountain on the market:

The Classic Absinthe Fountain has four engraved metal taps and a removable filter for the water. The height is 53cm / 20.9 inches and you can fill 1.8 liter of water into the glass bowl. All fountains are packaged in a beautiful and protective packaging. The Classic Absinthe Fountain has as well been tested by the SGS-Fresenius institute. It is 100% food-grade and meets the requirements of LFGB and (EC) Regulation No. 1935/2004. We can only advise you, not to purchase cheaper-priced metal Absinthe fountains somewhere else. You will definitely regret it. We ourselves were so dissapointed of their quality that we decided to produce the AAA classic Absinthe fountain. The AAA Classic Absinthe fountain is simply the best Absinthe fountain on the market.

Download the test report of Fresenius institute certifying the food-grade quality of the fountain: Food-grade Absinthe Fountain


Mandatory Information

Country of Origin: China
Taps: 4
Height: 53 cm / 20.9 inches
Volume: 1800 ml / 60.9 oz
Material: Food-Safe Nickel-Plated Brass


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