Absinthe Fountain: Buy a beautiful Absinthe fountain

An Absinthe Fountain is the perfect Absinthe accessory. It is a big glass container that stores water and ice cubes for your Absinthe. You will dilute your Absinthe the most authentic way with a fountain. But what is exactly an Absinthe fountain? How do I use it? Read on, and you will get the answers:

If you posses an Absinthe fountain you are very close to getting a professional Absintheur. Why, because it shows that you take your time to prepare your Absinthe the traditional way. You prepare it with style and authenticity. You take your time and don´t shoot the Absinthe like some effect seekers do. Absinthe fountains have different names. The AAA fountain is for example a very beautiful accessory. It has simply the best quality on the market. It is made out of metal and glass and has 4 spigots. Glass fountains are good as well, as they are smaller and therefore easier to store and clean. We like the fountain Boule Green Line, as it has a very nice glass lid with a Green Fairy. Absinthe Fountains give the Absinthe ritual this very special magic. Absinthe Fountains don´t have to be expensive. The Chat IV is for example a very nice starter fountain. You can buy it as well in our store.

Fountains for Absinthe

Absinthe FountainHow do they work, how do I prepare my Absinthe with a fountain? Easy, you just fill the glass jar with water and add ice cubes. Then you can draught the water through the little taps on the side. The best way is, if the water drips slowly in your Absinthe. Why? Because then you will get the best louche.! For the Absinthe ritual you need as well an Absinthe glass, an Absinthe spoon and Absinthe sugar. You place two sugar cubes on the Absinthe spoon, we can recommend for example the Classic spoon that we sell at ABSINTHIANA, then you place the accessories on the Absinthe glass and place it under the spigots of the fountain. Now the water drips drop by drop into the glass and dissolves the Absinthe sugar. It takes approx. 1 minute to completely dissolve the sugar cube, depending on the sugar cube itself. We recommend the individually wrapped sugar cubes we sell at ABSINTHIANA. They are the most classic and have the best melting qualities. So go ahead and browse through our Absinthe accessory shop.

Interesting side info: In the city of New Orleans you will find a very special marble fountain. In the old Absinthe House an old marble fountain is installed at the bar. It was once used by Hemmingway, a famous visitor of the Old Absinthe House before he started to live in Key West and Cuba.

Absinthe Ritual with a fountain

A fountain adds to every party or private Heure Verte - Green Hour - the perfect atmosphere. And the good thing is, if you don´t use your fountain it still makes a very nice art object in your bar or living room. Together with the right glasses, spoons you will have a perfect setup. If you use an Absinthe fountain the Absinthe effect isn´t increased. the Absinthe effect is still the same, but you will see, it changes the whole drinking ritual. It will increase your Absinthe experience! Go for it and check out the fountain selection in our store.

Here is what we offer at ABSINTHIANA:

- Authentic selection of glass and metal Absinthe fountains
- Authentic selection of Absinthe Spoons, made from authentic originals
- Authentic selection of classic Absinthe Glasses, like Brouille glasses, Brouilleurs and Reservoir glasses

ABSINTHIANA ships from the USA to the USA on daily basis. The delivery is guaranteed and we offer quality accessories at good prices. We even offer free shipping for orders > $100.