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Question: Why was Absinthe prohibited in France in the year 1914?

Answer: Absinthe gained great popularity in Europe in the early 1900s when the grape harvest failed for cognac in northern France and people started buying Absinthe in it's place. Cognac had been the top liquor seller previously. The distillers of cognac were politically powerful and when the grape crop eventually returned, the cognac and wine cartel created all the propaganda that led to Absinthe becoming illegal in order to regain their lost market.

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Pontarlier Glass Set Premium Pontarlier Glass Set Premium
This Absinthe accessory set includes two mouthblown Pontarlier Absinthe glasses made out of premium crystal glass. They are authentic Absinthe glass reproductions, which were used in the 19th century.
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now 42.90 $

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ALANDIA Absinthe Sugar Black ALANDIA Absinthe Sugar Black
Our Absinthe sugar has the best melting qualities. 
4.90 $
1 x 'ALANDIA Absinthe Sugar Black' order
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