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An Absinthe Spoon is the essential accessory for preparing your Absinthe. You need as well an Absinthe Glass, preferably an Absinthe Fountain (a carafe will work in the beginning as well) and of course a good bottle of Absinthe. You can buy all of the mentioned accessories in our online shop ABSINTHIANA, we offer free shipping for orders over $100 in the USA. If you want to buy a bottle of original Absinthe, then please visit our Absinthe shop ALANDIA. Some other Absinthe Accessories like absinthe sugar cubes, carafes/decanters and poster are as well available for sale in our online shop. Just enter our shop and browse through our selection of authentic accessories.

Let us as well tell you a bit of the history of this historical and unique drink called Absinthe or the Green Fairy:

Absinthe was drank by artists and writers during the mid to late 19th century. It was said, that when you drink the green elixir, you would see the Green Fairy, the nickname of Absinthe. Inspired artists were Van Gogh, Lautrec and more contemporary, Pablo Picasso or Oscar Wilde and Hemingway. They all fell in love with this very special drink Absinthe. But why? And how did the Absinthe popularity actually started?
One cause of Absinthe getting the drink of choice was a bad year of the wine industry. By the beginning of the 20th century a grape insect destroyed almost the whole vineyards of Europe. The result was a tremendous increase in the wine prices due to the high demand and the low supply. This was the time when Absinthe got its fame. The aristocrats still had the money to buy the expensive wine, but the mid and lower class substituted their glass of wine with Absinthe. It was the perfect alternative, stronger than wine and combined with a mysterious effect. It was the drink for the growing Bohemian culture, which was developing in Europe during that period of time.. The Absinthe ritual was celebrated in the bistros and cafés of Paris. The Green Hour, the “Heure Verte” was between 5pm and 6pm. You met for a glass of the green spirit and used an Absinthe Spoon, Absinthe Glass and Fountain to enjoy the drink with style. Absinthe, the Green Fairy was soon present everyhwere...

Why does Absinthe turn white when you add water? This is also an interesting question. Here is the answer: Combined with sugar and ice cold water the green alcohol louches to an opalescent white. That is the mystic visual effect of the drink. Besides this visual happenings in your glass, it is said, that the Absinthe effect causes a mental and physical activation. This also led to its prohibition by the beginning of the 20th century in almost all countires of the world. Absinthe was considered as the cause for insanity, which was called Absinthism. But actually the problem was the abuse of alcohol, not Absinthe... Nevertheless the Green Fairy was the scape goat for all the problems associated with alcoholism in society. A strong anti-absinthe movement was taking place at that time, and finally caused by one very sad accident, Absinthe got banned: A murder took place in August 1905. A swiss farmer called Jean Lanfray, a known Absintheur, shot his wife and his daughters. The story was THE murder in that time and the press and anti alcohol lobbyists used it to ban the Green Fairy. Absinthe got illegal. That the farmer drank several bottles of wine, and other spirits before committing the murder wasn´t brought to attention. Absinthe was blamed to make people insane... The drink was then banned in many countries. In Switzerland the ban was active in 1910, in France in 1914 and in the US in 1920.

But fortunately today, almost 100 years later, the drink is legal once again. Scientist analysed the drink and proved that wormwood and its ingredient thujon is not harming your health. Absinthe doesn´t make you mad and therefore it can be consumed once again. Absinthe is back!

At ABSINTHIANA you can get all the accessories you need for preparing your glass of Absinthe. Absinthe Spoons, Glasses and beautiful Absinthe Fountains are just some accessories you can buy online. Take a journey to the fabolous time of the Green Fairy and experience our quality service:

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